Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hand-drawn wargame chit identification, scanner

The archive just acquired several hundred hand-drawn wargame chits.  Who made them for what?  I'm not sure.  These could be replacement chips for an existing game, or new chips for an existing game, or maybe chips for an entirely homebrewed game.  Who knows?  If you have any ideas please share.

Which leads us to the next topic:

We are halfway to a new scanner.  We need $140 more to get an over-sized scanner which will let us share images of stuff like these wargame chits.  You can paypal at ozark1 at hotmail dot com, or use a credit cared here.

Anything helps!

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Micro-Fundraiser for the Archive

The Play Generated Map and Document Archive needs a flatbed scanner in order to catch up with imaging our large documents.  The Mustek A3 looks ideal, but at $270+shipping ($179 for a refurbished one) we need some money donated to make this possible.

Anything helps. As an enticement to donating each donor can suggest some helpful motto or encouraging phrase which will be marked on the scanner in marker or paint.
PayPal ozark1@hotmail.com or use a credit card here. Thank you so much!


In other news we're going to start uploading to the archive site again regardless of the gallery software situation, hopefully everything will work out.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The State of the Archive, Another New Acquisition

So I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know that uploading to the archive has been hung up in 2014 because we seem to have reached the limitations of the gallery software we are using to manage the images.  When we upload we now sometimes bump other things offline, it's a little scary but we've been working on it and are test driving a new gallery this weekend.

Wish us luck.

And as long as I'm here I'll show you folks one of the many new donations from 2014.  These maps are about 18" x 24", an unusual size for homemade gaming products.  They were rolled with some Greyhawk maps and a couple of large battlemats.  We don't have a proper camera stand or even a real camera, documenting this sort of material will be a challenge.

Notice the mailing tube in the background of the wide shot, looks like it was dropped in a puddle.  Fortunately the contents were unhurt.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord for sale HERE

The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord is up and available for sale through the Square Marketplace here:


That site will be active until we get set up with the fulfillment folks.  Order soon and you can still get it in time for Christmas!  We also have the crazy Everything is Dolphins, the amazing Suffecool Deck of Many Things and benefit t-shirts.

Buy our books to help the archive do cool stuff.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Greatest Unreality

This is Nick.  I've played games with the guy, ate sandwiches with him, 

and presented alongside him at a conference.  He's a good dude.  
Anthropologist Nick Mizer, who you might remember from his guest post about The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord, is kickstarting a research project on D&D that might interest readers here. As he explains on the Kickstarter page, “Dungeons & Dragons is one of the most influential cultural developments in the last fifty years, and understanding that story can provide vital insights about the role of narrative and play in the modern world. By supporting this Kickstarter you will be a part of one of the most ambitious research projects into tabletop role-playing games yet completed.”

Supporting this type of academic research into gaming is one of the reasons we do what we do here at PlaGMaDA, and this looks to be an exciting project. That’s why we’ve decided to contribute to the Kickstarter with copies of Habitition as an add-on reward. You can learn more about Nick’s research at the Kickstarter page and check out some of his articles at academia.edu and in this great interview here.  


A selection from The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord:
"Aeropagus the Cloaked and Japheth of the Mighty Staff" by Michael M. Hughes 

And don't forget that you can pre-order The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord until October 26thish and get some pretty sweet add-on discounts on other stuff.  

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord Cover Release and PRE-ORDERS Now Live!

Pre-orders will be accepted at the link below until at least Nov 5th.


From now until the estimated ship date in late October we are accepting pre-orders for The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord and Other Adventures from Our Shared Youth.  Hurrah!  

The book includes the following adventures:

The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord by Gaius Stern aka G.J. Caesar

Stone Death by Richard C. Benson

The Crack at Garn's Canyon by Matt Morrison

The Ring of Gaax by Wayne Lacroix

The Golden Scepter of the Trollfens and The Maze of Death by Mike Walters

The Tomb of Areopagus the Cloaked by Michael M. Hughes

and The Lair of Turgon by Todd Nilson

8.5" x 11", full color, 112 pages, and with an essay by Jon Peterson.  How great is that?  

a selection from The Suffecool Deck

For post-November orders please look at the PlaGMaDA shop!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Griim Cole, character sheet extraordinaire

Friends, this is Griim Cole.  I do not know him as anything more than a character sheet but, man, what a character sheet.  A single index card folded into four quadrants, the paper is as soft as well worked leather.  As you can see card is fiendishly worked over, the creator went through an art supply store worth of different pens and pencils in his ongoing working and reworking of the sheet.  


Griim was the single donation to PlaGMaDA from Adam Blechman, who wrote:

" Griim lived and fought during lunch breaks, after school and weekends 
while I attended Forest Hill Collegiate Institute in Toronto Canada 
in the early 1980s."  

There is so much time and play in this sheet.  Griim aged a year over play, from 19 to 20.  His stats went up and down and the modifiers painfully changed each time.  He lost equipment which he'd written down in pen, never a good thing to have happen.  And rations, those probably shouldn't be in pen either - though I know I spent a young life buying iron rations and then never looking at them again.

Griim is wonderful.  He's atypical, too.  

Normally a traditional D&D sheet this worked over would be on a printed standard form, a photocopy of a TSR sheet for instance.  To see this much love and investment in a character written on an index card is unusual.  

Also take a look at the stat listings, I can't ever remember seeing someone abbreviate the stats to a single letter when possible.  It makes so much sense, why did I never do this?

I can't actually figure out what level Griim is, either.  But we know he's patriotic.

And I love game math.  Love it.  I want to do a compilation of just gamer math.  More than math, though, the back of the sheet offers other mysteries.  What's that "Ultima 5 cleric" box in the bottom right?  What does "no food or handle" mean?  Why does Griim have so many metallic eggs written down?

This is a fantastic, wonderful character sheet with the sort of love and dedication that marks it out as a real work of art.