Friday, March 9, 2012

Last Chance on the Kickstarter

By the time you read this there will be less than twenty-four hours left to jump in on the first PlaGMaDA/Hutchingsonian Presents Kickstarter.

So The Hutchingsonian Presents has reached the super bonus goal of $4000 for Everything is Dolphins, meaning that everyone from the PDF Pledge level on up will be receiving a free PDF of scenarios. These scenarios should be just as good as the book itself, with more amazing art by a second group of smart artists.

Should be pretty cool.

And because the process of making should be as interesting as the process of playing or reading, I'm going to be doing something extra cool: Some of the artists will be invited to do a handful of illustrations for a scenario and then I or Ray (the EiD author) will have to tie them together into a coherent adventure. How ridiculously awesome will that be? Why is the dolphin wearing that comical hat?, let's find out...

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