Monday, December 17, 2012

Intense, precisely rendered maps from the 1980s

A great new gallery of Dungeons and Dragons material from 1981-83 contributed by Kevin Campbell.  This is why we offer drafting classes in high school, people.  I suggest they be mandatory.

Something Harn related.  

 Seriously fantastic dungeon draftsmanship.

This drawing could live a double life in the sketchbooks of a third generation Minimalist.  It's beautiful.

A lawful evil monastery.

Dragon turtle!

C'mon, this is so well done.  

Fast and loose is just as beautiful as careful finishing. 

The oracle is immune to all attacks.  Over.


grodog said...

Gorgeous stuff, thanks for posting Tim!


Greg said...

Soooo glad my 1982 self never knew there were others creating such beautiful game-stuff in their spare time. The jealousy would have been too much to bear!

Lots of fun to appreciate now. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I might have thrown in the towel myself. These are beautiful maps.