Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Everything is Dolphins Extra Bonus Funding Reward and Boing Boing

Hey folks,

First off the Everything is Dolphins Kickstarter got Boing Boing'd, which is always exciting.

Next off, we settled on an Extra Bonus Funding Reward for the Kickstarter:

To celebrate, a Bonus Funding Reward has been set. If we double our current pledge amount we will give everyone from the $12 Reward Level up a free PDF of four or five adventures. This might include mystical wonder adventures like "The Lilly of the Marianas Trench", nailbiters like "Everything in the Ocean Wants to Kill You", and the SC1-4 series "Against the Shrimp Cult" series.

So there you go: $4000 in funding gets EVERYONE a PDF! Whoohoo! Because we all need more PDFs in our lives.

"The Lilly of the Marianas Trench" has been written and playtested, though it needs to be nicely formatted. And yeah, I know that "Lilly" seems to have an extra L - it's not that kind of lily, silly. "Everything in the Ocean Wants to Kill You" is written out and not playtested. So don't think I'm promising adventures I can't deliver - I swear this stuff is in the mail.

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