Friday, January 27, 2012

Hand Bound 0ed Edition by Oban

And yet gamers had to play Palladium Fantasy to get
the skill Book Binding, Leather.

Another neat player made modification of rule books from Oban of New York Red Box:
First I have combined the PDF files of the books I want to bind, then print them out as signatures - in this case ten signatures of five folios each. The signatures are then sewn together on cords to form the book block. Hand sewn headbands are added to the head and tail. I cut front and back covers, and the cords are woven into the covers, binding the whole thing together. The resulting book is then quarter-bound in leather - I have been using Hewit goatskin for these books. The remainder of the cover is covered in decorative paper. Recently I have started tooling the leather.


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Kevin Reynolds said...

Where is the "order" link?

tim h said...

I wish, right? If you're serious I'd suggest seeking out Oban on the Redbox boards at the link above.