Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Looking at the Collection: Attack Bear

A recent character sheet acquisition from Black and Reade near Denver had something that I found interesting. Here's the first page, which isn't terribly important, and here's the second page below:

A hum drum list of magical items, complete with misspellings. Not that exciting, but then under "livestock" we see an attack bear listed. An attack bear is a pretty fantastic thing to write down on the character sheet as two simple words. If it was my attack bear I'd have written it in giant letters surrounded in lightning bolts, and probably bothered to give it a name. Heck, I'd give an attack bear its own character sheet because it deserves it.

Torn the Elf needs to put a little effort, a little pride into his pet.

This piece is part of a series of homemade character sheets all neatly filled out by the same hand and seemingly never used, it's a reasonable guess that some hopeful DM made a bunch of characters for a scenario that never developed or friends that never came to play. I see a lot of this in the collection and it would probably help to make up a name for the phenomenon, maybe "Empty PCs" because it sort of sounds like "NPCs" when spoken aloud.

You saw a lot of ready-to-go characters with Judges Guild stuff, and with people who were influenced by Judge's Guild. Here's a list of novelty filled 1st level fighters from David McLouth:


Tony Karakashian said...

Funny, going to post one of my long-term characters today into the archive who's got a bear. Of course, Cuddles (yes, that's the name of my character's 9' and vicious grizzly), isn't just an attack bear...he's one of the party! :)

tim h said...

Do you consider your bear livestock? The dude above did.