Thursday, October 15, 2009

Computer Game Maps Needed

Hi there folks,

I am working with the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology on a traveling show on the history of virtual game spaces. I am curating a selection of maps of classic computer games, the sort of thing that it seems like you folks are resurrecting here on this site.

What I am collecting for the exhibition are maps, notes, instructions, etc, anything written or drawn on paper during game play. The physical documents themselves will be what is exhibited, so this is something you need to have in hand and be able to send.


The deadline is coming up quickly, as I need to ship the 30 chosen maps/papers to the UK mid-November.

If interested in submitting, you can either PM me here or email me at YYcolleYYctions@YYHplagDDDmada dot org. (remove the capital letters).


tim h