Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Top Secret map acquisitions, a minor quandry

Daniel J, Top Secret Report Page, c.1994, South Carolina

A Daniel J, formerly of South Carolina, has donated a handful of Top Secret game documents from the mid-1990s. and he also donated these items which he acquired from an unknown creator, but are also Top Secret oriented.

Archivists have quandries with which I am only now getting familiar. The piece pictured above consists of three separate documents stuck together with staples and adhesive. The yellow pages are just glorified Post-It notes. The question is how to scan this information for the web portion of the archive? Do I scan it intact, as I did here? Do I remove the sticky pages to allow a clean scan of what's underneath?

In all honesty, there isn't actual information conveyed in the precise placement of the sticky, so I should be able to remove it and reattach it with a clean conscience - but not all schools of thought agree with this.