Monday, February 11, 2013

Captain Kicked? Check.

Some new postings in the archive, all part of the same anonymous acquisition from January of this year.  They are the first postings to come out of the new Scansnap ix500, a great purchase for the archive...  But more on that later.

 This is a map of a room with couches and tables and all the usual things you might expect.  It took me a while to suss this out, at first I thought it some sort of torture chamber in the abstract.  That shape to the left is a throne, the hacksaw shape in the middle right is a couch. 

This is pretty neat:  The author drew out all the different views of the room.  This is the view towards the "north" of the map above.  You can see the curtain and the dartboard in both images.  What looks like a suit of armor with a sword here is the strange clamp shape in the map - it's actually a clockwork man with a key in his back.  

 Everything in the room is a trick or a trap.  Here are the entries for the wind-up man and the dartboard.  Don't touch the dartboard.  


Here's a sideways view of the bookcase, door and throne.  

And best of all, here's another map of the space.  I'm thinking that this is the GM's map and the first map is a player's handout.  Notice the hidden chessboard under the carpet among many other wonders.

Here's the rather minimal notes on the chessboard.  
I include it here because of the arithmetic, I love game math.  

Who knows what this was going to be, but it's a nice drawing on its own.  

If you're going to bother Nivel, think big.

Every dungeon needs a sub-basement.

I hope that grid somehow represents the box of small jewels.  

Sailors scared?  Check. 
More sailors dis'd?  Check
Captain kicked?  Check.
Thief branded?  Check.
Bandits killed?  Check.

I want to take a moment and revel in this Adventure Journal and the story it tells.  Of all the encounters only one was resolved through murder.