Sunday, March 29, 2015

Tuesday Deadline for Game Studies Fundraiser!

I have been invited to travel to Newcastle in the UK to present a workshop at the "In the Regions of Utopia" conference organized by the Imaginaries of the Future group.  We will be exploring how to use roleplaying games to test imagined social systems, and as a means of creative speculation in their own right.  
I was awarded the largest travel stipend possible, but the $1500 grant doesn't cover the entire cost of the trip.  Here I am, hat in hand, trying to scrape together funds to cover the difference and not lose that amazingly generous travel grant.

An additional one thousand dollars is needed to fund the trip.  Five hundred of that has to be raised by this coming Tuesday, March 31st!  That's soon.  Tuesday is the withdrawal deadline, if I don't have at least half of the funds in place by then I'll need to decline participation.


It's important to push games into scholarly spaces, it legitimizes projects like this archive and brings attention to game studies as a whole.  This in turn makes it easier to get grants and funds which let us do more and better things.

Help me make my Tuesday deadline!  This is a chance to pick up copies of the archive's two publications signed and drawn in by me, or you can just donate a dollar.

Thanks so much,
Tim Hutchings
Director, Play Generated Map and Document Archive

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