Monday, April 20, 2015


We are raising funds to send PlaGMaDA director Tim Hutchings to present a game studies workshop at a conference in the U.K.  This means a reverse sale on the two PlaGMaDA publications:  Everything is Dolphins and The Habitition of the Stone Giant Lord.  

A reverse sale? That means we are giving you the chance to pay MORE for these books, knowing the funds are earmarked for a good cause.  These will be fulfilled directly by the archive, and can be signed or drawn in as per the contributor's wish.

Go here for the reverse sale:


Rob Reed said...

Is the Habitation of the Stone Giant Lord available at all anymore? I can't find any working link and I'd like to order a copy

Rob Reed said...

Sorry for dupe post. Forget to click button for e mail replies


tim h said...

Hi Rob,

We are going through a ridiculous fulfillment service shift that has been dragging out over many months, they took down the order website some time ago and I only recently found out.

Give me an email at collections AT and we can work it out directly.

So sorry about that,

tim h